The Rev Fred Nile MLC, Patron of the Australian Christian Nation Association said that he was pleased at the response for the 227th Anniversary of the first Christian Church Service in Australia on 3rd February 1788.

The Service was held at the Rev Richard Johnson Square, near the memorial, on the corner of Bligh and Hunter Streets, Sydney, on Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

The Guest Speaker, Associate Professor Stuart Piggin, of Macquarie University, gave an outstanding Address on the subject ‘AUSTRALIA’S CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: ANALYSING POPULAR STEREOTYPES ON THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY’ (refer attached copy).

Professor Piggin carefully demolished the popular stereotypes which are promoted by various Australian academics.  These false stereotypes identified:

Australia as a secular nation;

Did not bother holding a Church Service;

Rev Johnson’s sermon was out of touch;

Governor had no care for the spiritual welfare.

Participating at this Service included Professor Hon Dame Marie Bashir, Rev Hon Fred Nile, Jai Martinkovits, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy; Ray Ebrahim, The International Coptic Union; Philip Benwell, Australian Monarchist League, Greg Whitehead, Australian Christian Nation Association.

The Ingleburn RSL Pipeband and Drums, led by Peter Jakobsson accompanied the hymns which included Amazing Grace, The 23rd Psalm and God Bless Australia (see attached photographs).
1. Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

2. Hon Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO
3. Jai Martinkovits
4. Ray Ebrahim
5. Philip Benwell
6. Assct Prof Stuart Piggin

7. Greg Whitehead

8. Celebration audience

9. Scottish Band


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