Tonight I speak on the persecution of minorities in northern Iraq. I was pleased that the United Nations Security Council, representing the five leading nations of the world, the United States of America, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of smaller nations including Australia, has denounced the persecution of minority groups in northern Iraq.

Hundreds of families reportedly fled Mosul ahead of the 19 July deadline for Christians to leave the city, stay and convert to Islam or face death.  Anyone opposing the ISIL extremist ideology, faces abduction, killing, including beheading, or destruction of property. There are also reports that homes of some minority residents in Mosul—namely, Christians—and other towns have been marked with the Arabic Letter “N” taken from Jesus of Nazareth, to indicate that Christian families live in them. Those Christian families are faced with conversion to Islam, leaving the city or death.

The United States of America is now not only supplying food and water to these destitute families but is also instigating aircraft bombings of the ISIL army. I ask the House to note that earlier today I moved a motion to establish an Assyrian homeland in Iraq, which was unanimously passed by this House, and I also asked what the New South Wales and Federal governments are doing to protect families in New South Wales from any threat by those who belong to the ISIL in New South Wales.