Rev Fred Nile questions over development in Cronulla 

27 November 2014

In answer to my question on notice on 22 October 2014:


Revd Mr Nile to the Minister for Fair Trading representing the Minister for Local Government—

In regards to the Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2013:

How can the community approve an Local Environment Plan (LEP) with greatly increased heights, when there is no Development Control Plan (DCP) in place to provide the real time effects to the community of heights on shadows and solar access?

Should there be a period of at least four weeks where the DCP and LEP can be considered so residents can see the impacts of higher developments on solar access, privacy, overshadowing, setbacks and view sharing?

Why is there no rezoning for a car park in central Cronulla in the 2013 draft LEP?

Will there be a traffic study to show the effects of the high rise intensification at Cronulla?

Where is the rezoning for commuter parking at Cronulla and Woolooware stations?

Can councils explain an LEP to the community with clear visual aids displayed in public places and public information sessions in large venues to show the effect of zoning and height changes in their neighbourhood?


This question falls within the portfolio of responsibility for the Minister for Planning.
I am advised by the Minister for Planning:
The Minister for Planning has no role in preparing or approving a DCP for Sutherland. A Draft DCP must be publicly exhibited by Council for at least 28 days and may be exhibited concurrently with a draft LEP.
The zoning of land for the purposes of a car park is a decision for Council. Council is also responsible for determining the effect of increased density in the draft LEP.
The community consultation strategies and material used during public exhibition is a decision for Council.

Refer Hansard for Rev Nile’s Question and Speech.


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