Rev Fred Nile supports urgent action to assist NSW residents

18 December 2014


A New South Wales parliamentary inquiry has urged the New South Wales Government to implement a state-wide buy back and demolition scheme for all residences contaminated by loose-fill asbestos insulation, otherwise known as ‘Mr Fluffy’ insulation.

Committee Chairman, Revd the Hon Fred Nile MLC, said “This is an issue which warrants the immediate attention of the NSW Government. Although the precise number of affected homes has not yet been established we do know that there are 59 homes that have been identified as being contaminated by loose-fill asbestos insulation state-wide, with the potential for there to be many hundreds more.”

Revd Nile then stated: “The evidence received by the inquiry makes it clear that if loose-fill asbestos fibres are present in a home then it is ultimately uninhabitable, posing continuing risks not only to residents and visitors but also to the general public. It is for this reason that the committee is recommending the adoption of a state-wide buy-back and demolition scheme for all affected residences, similar to that recently adopted by the ACT Government.”

Revd Nile continued: “We believe that ultimately a buy-back scheme is the only way the NSW Government will achieve a viable and enduring overall solution to the problem of loose-fill asbestos insulation. We were originally due to complete our report in February 2015 but the committee unanimously agreed to bring forward our reporting date because urgent action is required.”

“The Committee has also sought to address the uncertainty faced by those who own or have lived in a home contaminated by loose-fill asbestos by recommending that the government provide financial assistance as well as free counselling and support. In addition, we have recommended that legislative changes be made to prevent people from unknowingly purchasing a ‘Mr Fluffy’ property in future. Furthermore, a number of recommendations have been made to protect tradespersons from exposure to loose-fill asbestos” Revd Nile stated.

A list of the committee’s recommendations is attached. The report is on the committee’s website:

Refer Hansard for Rev Nile’s Question and Speech.


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