The Rev Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has inspected the terrorist threat this morning in Martin Place, Sydney, where hostages are being held by at least one armed man.

An Islamic flag has been held up, by hostages, in the window of the Lindt Chocolate shop in Martin Place.

“This unexpected terrorist threat, as we prepare for Christmas, has shocked the shoppers in the city” said Rev Nile.  “I could sense the anxiety in the waiting crowd because of the uncertainty of what might happen next.

“I was in the New South Wales’ Parliament House, working with the Joint Select Committee, finalising our Report into the health dangers of Mr Fluffy, loose leaf asbestos in hundreds of NSW and ACT homes.  Suddenly, Security warnings were being broadcast through our Parliament House loud speakers, announcing the terrorist threat and indicating that Parliament House was now in lock-down, with no visitors gaining entrance, until further notice.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the hostages and their loves ones.  We pray for a peaceful conclusion with the terrorist surrendering to the police and releasing all the hostages.

“I appeal for calm among all communities” said Rev Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party.  “I have been giving warnings concerning the potential Islamic terrorist threat in Australia.

“I also express my appreciation of the rapid response by our NSW Police Force and security forces” said Rev Fred Nile.

15th December 2014.

Photo 1 – Rev Fred Nile near Martin Place.

Photo 2 – Police Officers outside NSW Parliament House.

Photo 3 – Suspected terrorist


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